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Troyon, Constant

The Marsh

Remington, Frederic

The Mexican Major

Gonzales, Eva

The Milliner 1877

Bartolomeo, Fra

The Nativity

Davis, Charles Harold

The Northwest Wind

Robert, Hubert

The Obelisk

Delacroix, Eugene

The Old Bridge at Nantes

Chase, William Merritt

The Park

Sargent, John Singer

The Patio, Vizcaya

Cezanne, Paul

The Plate of Apples

Teniers, David The Younger

The Rape of Europa (after Giorgione)

Teniers, David The Younger

The Rape of Europa (after Titian)

Breenbergh, Bartholomeus

The Resurrection

Troyon, Constant

The Road to Market

Courbet, Gustave

The Rock at Hautepierre

Millet, Jean-Francois

The Sheepshearers

Bernard, Emile

The Stroll

Sargent, John Singer

The Terrace, Vicaya

Blanche, Jacques Emile

The Traveler

Delacroix, Eugene

The Turkish Rider

Sorolla, Joaquin y Bastida

The Two Sisters